Confidently take your business to the next level.

While automation is the future of gas and oil transportation and will pave the way to safer, more efficient operations and a better bottom line, it adds a new level of complexity to your work. It’s expensive. And it requires qualified expertise to ensure success.

Tap into the expert support you need to advance your automation strategy.

If you’re ready to hand over the management of an existing automation and electrical controls solution, need troubleshooting assistance for a specific problem, or want a partner who can assist in navigating your first step into automation, HT Engineering can help. We know what it takes for automation to succeed in your unique application, putting our intimate knowledge of the oil and gas pipeline industry to work. We can provide recommendations on the best approach and tailor an automation and electrical controls solution that optimizes your budget, advances your specific automation objectives, and delivers the return on investment your business requires.
No matter what type of automation and electrical controls equipment you currently use or prefer to use, our professional engineers can work with it to design, support, and/or troubleshoot your solution. We specialize in communications and data transfer interface development—crucial elements of automation success. For troubleshooting purposes, we can help with vibration analysis to monitor the health of critical control devices and quickly pinpoint and respond to the cause of any system problems. When you’re ready, we can partner with you to explore the world of IoT and vet, select, and implement the best advanced technologies and approaches to drive the greatest value for your business.

Reach your automation goals faster.

With the right partners supporting your automation and controls strategy, you can avoid common technology pitfalls, prioritize the right technologies and projects, and position your business to more quickly reap the many advantages of automation. Whether you’re just testing the waters or ready to take the next steps on your automation journey, HT Engineering can help you achieve the many safety and efficiency advantages of a well-planned and well-executed automation strategy. By applying automation in the right ways for your business, we help you get the payback you need on your investment in the timeframe you want.

Automation and Electrical Controls Services

  • Design and implementation
  • Strategy development
  • Local, integrated, and supervisory control
  • Communications and data transfer
  • Interface and protocol development
  • System troubleshooting
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis