Our vision is a world in which all energy is produced and transported safely and efficiently, we are a trusted partner of leading energy infrastructure operators, and our employees enjoy sustainable, challenging, and rewarding careers.


Our mission is to cultivate a highly competent and responsive team and an enjoyable culture, build relationships of trust with our industry, and provide services that improve the safety, integrity, and efficiency of the world’s new and existing energy infrastructure.


The Principals of HT Engineering believe that God created us and the world we live in, that He gave to all people the responsibilities of stewardship and love, and that we can glorify Him by making the following values the foundation of all we do and aim for as a company: Responsibility, Integrity, Humility, Competence, and Progress.


• Our first responsibility is to the public: for its safety, health, and welfare.
• We are responsible to our clients: to provide efficient and responsive services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, and to be accountable for our work and its contribution to their success.
• We are responsible to our employees, their families, and our shareholders: to provide stable, challenging, and rewarding careers; to support balance among responsibilities; and to prioritize sustainable, long-term profitability.


• Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. We value the ability to operate with nothing to hide.
• We value truth spoken in love and honesty coupled with kindness.
• We maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ information.
• We hold ourselves accountable to do what’s moral and ethical.


• Humility is trusting others with ourselves. We allow our clients to tell us how we can serve them, and we value the input of our clients and coworkers in understanding our strengths and weaknesses.
• We value respect: both respect for authority and respect for the dignity of every person.
• We value teamwork: finding where we fit and how we can serve the team’s purpose.
• We value listening: making time and focusing attention to truly understand what others are saying.


• We value character: the ability of our employees to act in accordance with these values.
• We value knowledge: the theoretical and practical understanding of our work.
• We value skill: the ability and expertise to do our work well.
• We value experience: a strong history of doing and observing the work in which we claim expertise.


• We strive to improve the integrity and safety of pipelines and pipeline facilities, and we support the pipeline industry’s vision of zero incidents.
• We value hope: the expectation and desire for our work to matter. We want our work to advance the engineering profession.
• We value continuous improvement: encouraging and providing for growth in our practice of all these values.