Expand your infrastructure with confidence.

You don’t build new natural gas and liquid petroleum pipelines and facilities every day. When you do, they are complex projects with many facets that range from critical public safety and regulatory compliance considerations to ensuring ongoing operational and maintenance efficiency. It can be more than a little challenging to tap into the specific expertise you need to ensure your project runs smoothly and that the end results work across every dimension.

Access end-to-end engineering, design, and project management support.

As long-standing experts in natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline engineering, HT Engineering can bring specialized civil, mechanical, and electrical controls engineering and design knowledge to any or every phase of your pipeline or facilities project. Whether it’s a new pipeline or pump, compressor, meter, regulator, or interconnect station or a repair or modification to an existing pipeline or facility, our team is ready to serve as your engineering partner, project manager, or both. Whatever our role, we can start by helping you plan your work, and then we help your work your plan. We offer support with tasks like developing procedures and coordinating design reviews to keep projects moving and to spot issues early in the process so you can prevent problems before they’re built instead of reacting to them afterwards. From the initial cost estimates and feasibility studies, through complete infrastructure or facilities engineering and design, to the final steps of startup, closeout, and documentation, you can trust our team of specialists to deliver the customized level of support your project requires at every phase.
Our experts work as an extension of your team to understand project requirements from the big picture vision down to the field operators’ preferences for managing and maintaining your infrastructure in the safest and most efficient way. Our attention to every detail coupled with our exceptional knowledge of industry standards and the local environment—both physical and regulatory—is key to planning and designing the specific solution your project demands and ultimately delivering that solution to a tee.

Keep your project on track and achieve your goals.

Trust HT Engineering to engineer and project manage through the everyday issues, challenges, and considerations of your project to stay on schedule and on budget while keeping a constant eye on your key objectives: the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your energy transportation infrastructure. We work as your committed partner to deliver an end result that meets the long-term needs of your business and people you serve.

Pipeline and Facility Engineering Services

Engineering and Design Project Types

  • Natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines
  • Hazardous liquids facilities
    • Pump stations
    • Interconnects
    • Metering and overpressure protection stations
  • Natural gas facilities
    • Natural gas processing
    • Oil and gas production facilities
    • Compressor stations and metering and pressure regulation facilities
    • Primary fuel facilities
  • Modifications to existing stations and facilities
    • Equipment replacements
  • Pipeline repairs and modifications
    • Lowerings and reroutes
    • HDDs
    • EFRDs
    • Nitrogen displacements
    • Product or water fills
  • Drawings
    • As-builts
    • CAD standardization
    • Alignment sheets
  • GIS model transitions

Engineering and Design Services

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Controls and automation
  • Cathodic protection
  • Labor, material, and equipment specifications
  • 3D Modeling and drafting
  • GIS

Project Management Services

  • Cradle to grave project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Scopes, schedules, and cost estimates
  • Plans and procedures
  • Construction bidding
  • Construction management
  • Testing
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Closeout and documentation

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services

  • Cathodic Protection (CP) Services
    • CP system evaluation
    • CP data evaluation
    • CP data management
    • Development of corrective action plans
  • Monitoring and analyzing vibration in facilities
  • Monitoring and analyzing electrical signatures for pumps and other equipment