HT Engineering provides full-service plant engineering services including feasibility studies, design, CAD drawings, permitting, specifications for materials, equipment and construction labor, bidding, procurement, field supervision, quality control inspection, and startup assistance.

- Dehydration
- Desulfurization
- Liquid Hydrocarbon Recovery
- Separation and Filtering
- Measurement
- Pressure Regulation
- BTU Enrichment
- BTU Tempering Precision Gas Blending

- Production & Storage Equipment
- Air Quality Permitting
- Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

- Sitework, foundations and mechanical systems
- Noise abatement
- Emergency shutdown systems

- Natural Gas and LPG distribution systems including pipelines, city gate stations, ordorization, metering and pressure regulation facilities.
- Industrial pipelines and fuel storage facilities.