H T Engineering
provides full-service plant engineering services in the areas outlined below including feasibility studies, design, CAD drawings, permitting, specifications for materials, equipment and construction labor, bidding, procurement, inspection, field supervision, quality control inspection, and startup assistance.

- Dehydration
- Desulfurization
- Liquid Hydrocarbon Recovery
- BTU Enrichment
- BTU Tempering Precision Gas Blending

- Production & Storage Equipment
- Air Quality Permitting
- Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

- Natural Gas and LPG distribution systems including pipelines, city gate stations, ordorization, metering and pressure regulation facilities.
- Industrial pipelines and fuel storage facilities.

- Alternative Fuel Systems including LPG, LPG-air, and non-standard hydrocarbon fuels.
- Standby fuel systems to allow primary fuel cost savings and continued operation during periods of primary fuel supply interruptions or curtailments.