Check regulatory compliance off your to-do list.

You take your commitment to public safety seriously, and you understand the importance of regulatory compliance. Still, the legwork involved in documenting and demonstrating your adherence to ever-changing rules can feel like a distraction from your core work of producing and transporting critical energy for the people and businesses that depend on it.

Trust the experts to handle all the details.

At HT Engineering, we make it our business to stay on top of the latest state and federal regulations, codes, and standards that apply to your business, including the new gas “Mega Rule” that took effect on July 1, 2020. More importantly, we work with you to interpret changes, understand the implications for your operations, and take the appropriate actions within the right timeframe so that your business maintains its good standing. From regularly reviewing and updating your operating manuals, to properly documenting field work, to maintaining clear and accurate records, we make sure all the compliance boxes are checked.
Our licensed professional engineers leverage a long history of serving oil and gas pipeline operators in the Midwest along with a unique perspective into the priorities of the local regulatory community to help you successfully prepare for and complete the audit process. We help keep your documentation in pristine order so it is always at hand for your team and available when the auditors request it. We can assist in quickly responding to and rectifying any non-compliance issues, which can include expert testimony and/or scheduling needed work or repairs as necessary and taking actions to avoid future violations. Our team is also available to support the compliance of your integrity management program.

Focus on the parts of your job you do best.

With HT Engineering handling your regulatory compliance needs, your experts are free to concentrate on their core areas of work and expertise. As your partner in safe and secure operations, we confidently and continuously support you in meeting all regulations for pipeline, production, and processing operations.

Regulatory Compliance Services


  • Internal audits against federal and state regulations and industry standards
  • Regulatory agency audit preparation, support, and follow up


  • Development and implementation
  • Periodic reviews and updates to the latest regulations and standards
    • Operating, Maintenance, and Emergency Response Plans
    • Operator Qualification (OQ) Plans
    • Operations and Construction Procedures
      • In-line inspections
      • Purges, displacements, and fills
      • Pressure tests
      • Repairs and modifications
      • Pipeline lowerings
  • Integrity Management Program Manuals

Records and Reporting

  • Develop processes and forms for documentation
  • Prepare records and reports
  • Assure and control documentation quality

Regulatory Consulting Areas

  • Federal and state regulations for natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines
  • Corrosion management and cathodic protection
  • Air quality
  • OSHA
  • SARA Title II
  • SPCC Plans