• Pipeline Integrity Management, Safety, and Risk Analysis
  • Natural Gas and Liquid Products Pipelines
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Liquid Products Pumping Stations
  • Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Natural Gas Processing Plants
  • Industrial Fuel Systems
  • Fluid Measurement and Flow Control
  • Pipeline Failure Investigation
Daniel Cooper has been an integral part of the HT Engineering team since 1978. He joined the company as an engineering technician while still in school, then gained seven years of experience with natural gas and liquid petroleum production, processing, transportation, and distribution projects as a project engineer.

After 11 years as a principal engineer, Daniel stepped to the head of the firm and led as president for more than two decades. Today, he continues to bring his extensive expertise to the table as a senior principal engineer. He plays a hands-on role as a consultant and project manager for key projects and provides clients with engineering and support services including feasibility studies, design, and pipeline risk and integrity management. In addition, Daniel offers expert witness services to his clients and has reviewed documentation, provided expert opinion, given deposition, and prepared direct prefiled testimony regarding pipeline design, construction, integrity management, and safety issues. Daniel is the author of several papers including Alarm Theory of Instrumentation Design for SCADA Systems, Design and Construction of Central Processing Facilities, and Pipeline Systems for Antrim Shale Developments.