It's our privilege help energy transportation businesses make our region safer and the oil and gas industry more efficient.

HT Engineering works with the Midwest’s leading natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators to tackle the challenges involved in operating safe, efficient, and compliant energy infrastructure and facilities. As Michigan’s longest-serving pipeline specialist, our team has designed and engineered more than 1,500 miles of pipeline and more than 70 energy facilities that serve our region’s needs today. In addition, we’ve been hands-on in conducting the in-line inspections, integrity digs, and tests that ensure the ongoing safe and compliant operation of these critical assets.
As a trusted partner and source of local knowledge and expertise, HT Engineering takes pride in helping the operators we serve to protect public safety while rising to the energy challenges of our region and growing their businesses successfully.
Discover the impact these companies have made by exploring some of our key projects.

Engineering pipelines, facilities, and new business opportunities.

We worked with a local major pipeline operator to engineer and design a complete energy transportation system from the ground up, creating a solution for successfully and safely shipping more than 110 million barrels of product and generating an estimated $70 million in new revenue to date. Read more >

Comprehensive integrity management and regulatory compliance support for a 700-mile pipeline system.

For more than 15 years, HT Engineering has worked as part of the team to assist a major liquid petroleum transportation services company with every aspect of its integrity management program. Recently, our work includes overseeing documentation of all integrity dig, inspection, and repair work to ensure compliance with PHMSA requirements. Read more >

Regulatory compliance and audit support for regulated petroleum pipelines.

Since 2007, HT Engineering has worked closely with a petroleum exploration company to help the business uphold its commitment to environmental responsibility and meet the latest requirements for safe pipeline operation, as administered by the Michigan Public Service Commission.
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