• Liquid Product Pipelines and Facilities
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Graphic Information Systems
  • Computer Aided Design
As a project engineer for HT Engineering, Steven Cooper is actively involved in the engineering and design of liquid petroleum transportation pipelines and facilities as well as the ongoing integrity management of pipelines.

Steven officially joined the company in 2012 after receiving his degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan. During his time as a student, he served the company as an engineering intern, gaining hands-on experience with designing and modeling pipeline infrastructure. In addition to his pipeline expertise, Steven is skilled in graphic information systems and computer aided design and often assists pipeline operators with their data management and data integration needs and technology tools. As a student research assistant for a sleep lab, he designed, wrote, and implemented MATLAB software to examine effects of anesthetics and neurotransmitters on spatial learning and long-term memory. He has also served as student engineer for Xoran Technologies where he assisted in designing and testing the performance of a neurosurgical head stabilizer compatible with the company’s CT scanner using finite element analysis.